At The Accel Group, we provide comprehensive wealth management services to our clients including investment planning and management, estate-planning techniques, retirement planning, insurance selection including long-term care planning and effective transfer of assets. We focus on helping our clients avoid the most common financial mistakes.


Financial Planning

We believe that goal-based planning should be the cornerstone of your financial decision making process.


Investment Management

We stongly believe that active management of investment risk is key to long-term investment success.


Estate Planning

Helps you plan your estate transfer and managing assets before and after your death.



Insurance will help protect what you have worked diligently to accumulate.


Trust Services

Trust services can assist with managing your assets and transfer strategies.


Tax-Advantaged Solutions  

Solutions to help lessen your tax liability.


At The Accel Group, we believe that financial security in retirement is a realistic and attainable goal. A well run, high quality, employer sponsored retirement plan; explained well to your employees may very likely be the difference.

Why Choose Accel?

We will work with you, the Plan Sponsor, to build a plan that attracts and retains key talent

Plan Types

There are many different types of Qualified Retirement Plans available. Let us help you determine which is the best fit for you and your employees.

Provider Network

As an independent advisor, we work together to objectively evaluate products and vendors to come up with a solution that best fits your needs.


Financial calculators to help you determine whether you're saving enough, and using the correct savings' vehicle.


Some of our most frequently asked questions.

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