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Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is a cohesive investing strategy based on your goals, timeline and risk tolerance. It involves picking investments such as stocks, bonds and funds and monitoring those investments over time.

Is your portfolio aligned with your goals and objectives and are you satisfied with the results you are getting?



  • Roles & responsibilities of all involved parties (fiduciaries and non-fiduciaries) are defined, documented and acknowledged
  • Investments are managed in accordance with applicable laws, trust documents, and written
    investment policy statement (IPS)
  • Service agreements and contracts are in writing


  • Time horizon & cash flow demands have been identified
  • Risk level has been established
  • An expected modeled return to meet investment objectives has been identified
  • Selected asset classes are consistent with the risk, return and time horizon
  • There is an IPS in place defining implementation and monitoring of the investment strategy


  • The investment strategy is implemented in compliance with the required level of prudence
  • Our due diligence process is followed in selecting service providers, including the custodian


  • Periodic review comparing investment performance against an appropriate index, peer group and IPS objectives
  • Periodic reviews are made of qualitative and/or organizational changes of parties involved
  • Fees for investment managers are reasonable and consistent with agreements and all applicable laws
  • Periodic review of the organization’s effectiveness in meeting its fiduciary responsibilities & performance expectations

We believe a disciplined investment process can yield better and more predictable results. If you’re interested in having your current investment portfolio reviewed, reach out for a complimentary review.

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