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Why Choose Accel?

At The Accel Group, we believe that financial security in retirement is a realistic and attainable goal.

A well run, high quality, employer sponsored retirement plan; explained well to your employees may very likely be the difference maker when it comes to financial security for your employees. We will work with you, the Plan Sponsor, to build a plan that attracts and retains key talent and helps them prepare for a secure retirement.

Objective Independence

  • As an Investment Advisor Representative under the Securities Act of 1940, we accept fiduciary responsibility along with you, the Plan Sponsor, and are therefore required to put your interests above our own and declare any conflicts of interest that may arise.
  • Our commitment to deliver independent, unbiased advice is an important distinction between us and other big names in the financial industry.

The Fidicuary Standard vs the Suitability Standard

Within the investment industry, there are different standards of care depending on the type of firm you work with.

Investment advisors are held to a "fiduciary" standard, which requires them to put their client's interest above their own and act in the best interest of the client. The advisor must do his/her best to make sure advice is based on accurate and complete information, avoid conflicts of interest or disclose any potential conflicts, and place trades under a best execution standard.

Investment brokers (agents or those employed by broker-dealers) are held to a "suitability" standard, which only says that the broker has to reasonably believe that any recommendations are suitable for the client, not necessarily consistent with the investor's objectives. In addition, the need to disclose all potential conflicts is not a restrict requirement.

Dedicated Service

  • Organized by division, our firm is dedicated to providing industry leading training and expertise.
  • Our dedicated team of professionals offer more than 18 years of average experience and over 75 years of combined industry expertise.

Process Driven Results

  • We believe that a well executed process, delivered consistently over time will produce predictable results you can depend on. We apply this philosophy consistently throughout our practice.

Results Oriented Participant Education

  • Your plan is only as good as your employees' perception of it. We work together with you to insure your participants understand and appreciate this valuable benefit.
  • In the end, our combined success will be measured by the financial security of your retirees.

Client Satisfaction

  • We are currently accountable for the growth and safe keeping of more than $250 million in total plan assets and enjoy an average client relationship of more than 10 years.

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