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Ryan D. Hervey, JD

Ryan D. Hervey, JD

Investment Adviser Representative

When Ryan Hervey walked into law school orientation at Loyola University Chicago in 2001, the only thing he knew was that he wanted to make an impact in the world. In the nearly two decades since he graduated, his career has evolved – combining a strategically-centered mind with a passion for seeing people align their lives with their finances. It’s not merely enough to have money, save money, or invest money.  It’s about the peace that comes with knowing your money is aligned with your values and that you’re prepared for the transitions that await you. The most powerful lesson Ryan learned in law school was that the best way to prevent the stress and life upheaval of dire circumstances was to work to anticipate and plan for those contingencies in advance. 

Ryan’s clients come to him in various ways, reflecting various places in life. It could be losing a partner or spouse to that gnawing feeling that maybe they don’t know what they don’t know about retirement. Maybe it’s the recognition of the desire to transfer wealth between generations or the concern that a retirement plan is exposed to fiduciary liability. Perhaps it is the fatigue of creating a business succession plan that works. What Ryan enjoys most is being the introduction of someone who cares after people have longed for simplicity and trusted counsel.

The two greatest obstacles Ryan sees when he meets new people are fears of vulnerability and of being judged – and often, it takes an impactful transition circumstance (death, divorce, milestone birthday, job change, etc.) for people to overcome those obstacles to develop an advisory relationship. However, Ryan’s office isn’t a place of judgment for past or current financial and life decisions. It’s a place of healing and refocusing on the future, where advocacy, knowledge, and counsel transform finances into an area of confidence and peace. It’s about you, your vision, and your plan to get there.  You deserve nothing less than a trusted advisor who wants to explore those paths with you.

As an Investment Adviser Representative, Ryan Hervey holds his Juris Doctorate from Drake University Law School and his History & Political Science degree from Simpson College. He actively holds his Series 65 (Uniform Registered Investment Adviser Law) Iowa Accident and Health Insurance License, as well as his Iowa Life Insurance License.

Fun Facts about Ryan include:

  • He has been married to his wife, Angie, since 2002, and together, they have three children.
  • Ryan is a cinephile. His favorite films include Casablanca, Bull Durham, The Godfather, The Dark Knight, and Pulp Fiction.
  • He loves to blend his passion for history with music. His favorite music scene is Laurel Canyon in the late 60s/early 70s.
  • He loves personality type indicators.
    • He’s an INTP (the “Logician”), known for their analytical, original, open-minded, curious, and objective thought processes.
    • He’s an Enneagram 5w4 (the “Investigator”). The rarest Enneagram type is Type Five, also known as the Pioneer or the Investigator. Type Fives are innovative individuals known for their motivation to learn more about the world, obtain new skills, and become experts in their field so they can be self-sufficient.
  • He was most attracted to tax law in school due to its complex, strategic nature.
  • Ryan coaches youth softball.